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We have decided to change the old digital printer with a new one in order to be able to respond quickly to customers' needs. The new printer's characteristics are speed and performance of printing. In order to handle bigger quantities of printing material, we have decided to buy a new, the third plotter, brand Konsberg, because of easier operation and service.

Stroj Durst   Stroj Durst  

Durst RHO P10 200

The machine has joined and updated the already existing Rho700 printer. It is based on 10 picolitre technology which allows extreme resolution and sharpness of a photo (till 1000dpi).

Furthermore, the new machine also allows increase in production capacities because it reaches printing time which is five times better than the one by the rho700 machine. Two additional colours (light Cyan and light Magenta) are installed in order to get more precise colour correctness and softer colour crosssings.

Rho P10 uses new ecological colours, which have minimum smell and are much more economical than older colours.

Technical specifications:

  • max width  2050mm
  • max length 50m
  • resolution 1000dpi
  • number of colours: 6  CMYKcm
  • productivity: max 205m2/h
  • max thickness of medium: 40mm


Kongsberg XP44

Kongsberg XP44 is a new achievement in the field of cutting. It has joined the already existing plotters XL22 and XP44. It allows production capacities and shorter time of manufacture.

Kongsberg plotters are known as very reliable and fast which is a very important virtue these days.

Technical specifications:

  • max dimension of cutting: 3200x2200mm
  • possibility for material milling up to 20mm thickness
  • camera for perception of cutting positions
  • adjustable 6 zones of vacuuming


With our partners we constantly research and develop new materials, forms and solutions.
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