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6310 Izola, Slovenija

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  • 1996 establishment of the company and of the production of cardboard packaging
  • 1997 termination of cardboard packaging production, beginning of cartonplast material marketing
  • 2000 purchase of the first production plant in Izola
  • 2003 production expansion
  • 2007 building a new hall and purchase of new equipment, which gave the possibility of heat treatment
  • 2009 purchase of digital printer to print on cartonplast (EU funds), new area of operation, entering the EU market,
  • nomination for craftsman of the year, gold medal at fair in Novi Sad
  • 2010 Slovenian oscar for packaging
  • 2013 economist of Primorska region
  • 2014 by help of EU funds purchase of a new semi-automatic modification machine of large sizes  (1500 x 2100), establishment of a  development-research department and entry in the  ARRS register
  • 2015 purchase of an additional new plotter

Development - research department

It was established in 2014 as a logical continuation of the company's business policy. New solutions whose result is most cost effective option for our customers and users of our packaging are a base for the department operations. We are aware that knowledge is the only goods which provides existance of the company in the long-term. This department pursues the objectives such as creativity in packaging production, use of various materials and ecologically oriented attitude of a product.


With our partners we constantly research and develop new materials, forms and solutions.
»Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more.« (Nikola Tesla)

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