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Green vision

Products belong to “Enviromental friendly” products because of multiple use and simplicity of recycling without CO2 emissions. They considerably reduce pressures on the environment and reduce needs for resources.

Polypropylene, solution in recycling. It is a poleofinski polymer with addition of propylene molecules. Its basic characteristic is in its versatility which allows a wide range of usage. If we consider a wide range of temperature limits its usability even increases.

Water tightness and possibility that additives can be added to the basic polymer improve its usability. It is resistant on different weather conditions and chemical compounds. Special nature of chemical bonds makes cartonplast packaging resistant to acids, alkaline saline solutions, bacteria, mould and algae. According to these facts packaging products are treated as products that demand high hygiene standards.

Use of propylene guarantees complete recycling at the end of each product's life. »Reciklat« (a recycled product) can be used again in production of new panels or new products. The result is less waste and pollution. And this is what are been trying to reach all these years. Our main goal is to provide the RRR principle.


With our partners we constantly research and develop new materials, forms and solutions.
»Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more.« (Nikola Tesla)

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